About Us

Darf Publishers was established in 1980 and is currently based in London. We focus on books about Libya, Middle East and the Arab World in English, but our most recent projects aim to translate world literature for English audiences.

Much of the back catalogue is facsimile editions of rare 18th and 19th century books, mostly in the fields of history, travel, literature, languages, poetry, culture and sport.

Darf is the English imprint of Dar Fergiani, which has been a major Arabic publishing house since it was first established in 1952. Since 1980, Darf has published more than 200 titles of good quality facsimile books that were out of print, including titles in Italian.

We most recently began venturing on new projects with the emergence of literature written by Middle Eastern and North African writers to translate and publish fiction and literary works from new talents and well established Arab writers, introducing them to a wider audience and discovering new works that wasn’t given chance to see the light for many generations.

The Darf publishing house is named for its association with Dar Fergiani. Dar Fergiani operated in Libya in the 1950s, but could not continue to print as Moammar Ghaddafi consolidated his rule. Fergiani emigrated, although there are still several Fergiani bookshops in Libya.