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Forthcoming young-adult title: Oh Freedom! by Francesco D’Adamo

Ten-year-old Tommy roams the cotton fields of Alabama owned by the notorious Captain Archer. Intimidating guards with fierce dogs protect the land. prevent any slaves from leaving. That is until a supernatural spirit visits Tommy offering a way out. With his banjo slung over his shoulder, Peg Leg Joe guides Tommy, his family and other slaves out of Southern USA, and into Canada through the legendary Underground Railroads. Stretched for miles across the country’s vastness, the network famously facilitated more than 100,000 slaves to a new life. For Tommy and his family, the escape is far from an easy ride. The young boy is forced to mature through this testing period, and allow his strong will to guide himself and others to safety under the guidance of Peg Leg Joe.

Set in the 19th century, D’adamo’s well-constructed novel tells a story distant in time, remains grounded in a reality that still exists today. Millions of people across the globe continue to be enslaved, including children. Oh Freedom! is about a child’s loss of innocence, and perseverance in the face of oppression.

Oh, FreedomFrancesco D’Adamo is an Italian author born in Milan, in 1949. He is well-known for his adult books in the tradition of Italian noir fiction. He began writing fiction for young adults to much foreign acclaim in 1999. “Iqbal” was his third novel for young adults and won the New York Christopher Award for Adolescents and the Cento Prize in Italy. In 2004, Francesco won the International Reading Association Teachers’ Choices Booklist Prize.

Sian Williams is a well established translator having worked with many authors, including Alejo Carpentier, Yashar Kemal and Dacia Maraini. In 2003 she founded the Children’s Bookshow, promoting fiction for young people around the UK. She lives and works in London as a translator and promoter of literature. 

Oh, Freedom! Will be released in 2016 by Darf Publishers.