Arabic Spain


B & E.M. Whishaw

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go Hardback: pp. 442
Language: English
ISBN: “This book is an attempt to elucidate some points in the history of Seville under the Moslems, on which the existing histories of Moslem Spain throw no light whatever.”

women who love anal sex hidden Arabic Spain ranges widely over the subject of Arab influence on Spanish art, literature, science and architecture. What the authors have provided is a historical backcloth, against which they have set a closer study of the effects of centuries of Moorish occupation.

follow site Working in the libraries of Seville, and combining their research with an intimate personal knowledge of Spain and its people, the authors have provided a general work of great interest that deserves the wider readership this reprint allows.

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Format Hardback

ISBN 9781850771012

Publication Date 1986

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source link Published by Darf in 1986 ISBN: 9781850771012

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Format: Hardback