England in Egypt


Sir Alfred Milner

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follow url “On September 13, 1882, the British army, under Sir Garnet Wolseley, stormed the earthworks of Tel-el-kebir; and with one brilliant dash scattered tot he winds the forces and the hopes of Ahmed Arabi, the Egyptian.”

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http://johanstellerphotography.com So began the ten years of British occupation in Egypt chronicled in this work, first published in 1892, The author, 1st, Viscount Milner, writes from his experience as Undersecretary of Finance in Egypt and concentrates upon the virtues of British rule in the region. Notwithstanding this inevitable viewpoint, the work contains much that is vital to our understanding of that period, and the republication of this book will prove to be invaluable to the student of modern Egyptian history.

http://johanstellerphotography.com This edition, reprinted in facsimile from the sixth impression of 1899, contains two useful appendices contrasting the state of Egypt in 1894 and 1898.

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