A Journey Through the Yemen


W.B. Harris



“My recollections of the country are ones that I shall always treasure, in spite of the dangers and sickness, in spite of long marches and days in prison, the Yemen will always be for me, Arabic Felix.”

First published in 1893, A Journey Through the Yemen appeared at a critical time in the turbulent history of the Yemen. The Turkish Empire had seized much of the country in an attempt to re-establish control over the seaway routes leading to the Suez Canal. Rebellion by the native population against the Turks reached its peak in the late nineteenth century and an important chapter in this work provides a contemporary account of the effects of this conflict.

In contrast, the second part of twork contains a thrilling narrative of the author’s travels in the Yemen, and, his adventures there, described together with vivid portraits of the places he visits and the people he meets. The book first appeared, in part, in the widely-read Victorian journal, the Illustrated London News, from which many of the evocative illustrations are also taken.

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Published by Darf in 1985

ISBN: 9781850770367

Tags: Yemen

Format: Hardback