A Ride in Morocco


Frances MacNab

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http://johanstellerphotography.com Frances Macnab’s A Ride in Morocco contains the intriguing narrative of her journey on horseback through that country at the turn of twentieth century. This is no pioneering expedition  – rather, a leisurely ride between the major centres of population, dropping in on other Europeans along the way.

go to link Picture a haughty British woman progressing on horseback from Tangier down to Marrakesh, encountering the native population and generally getting her own way. This is Ms Macnab at her best – opinionated and brooking no nonsense.

follow link She is, however, not blind to the beauties of the landscape, nor to the more endearing qualities of the people she meets. Her narrative retains a lasting charm and this facsimile of the first edition, published in 1902, will be welcomed by a wide readership.

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go site 1985

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follow site Published by Darf in 1985

ISBN: 9781850770718

Tags: Morocco

Format: Hardback