A Storm of Horses


David de Barrie



What could make Christopher Renwick turn his back on one of the jobs in Whitehall, risk his family’s security and his perfect marriage? Was it really necessary to find out what makes one horse run faster than another?

At last a novel of power and insight into the highest echelon of flat racing where hard work underlies seemingly effortless speed and glamour covers passion and avarice; where the top prizes cost all but the richest men in the world everything own to enter.

The mildest man stung with a compulsion becomes a destroyer of lives, an invoker of threats. Will his wife leave him? Will the most dangerous woman in racing carry out her threat to stay?

Horseracing has been called the great game. A storm of horses cross the dreams of its players and their dreams keep them awake. A Storm of Horses is about racing and much beside, but mostly it is about the impulsion to win that drives humankind forward into collision and achievement.

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Published by Darf in 1985

ISBN: 9781850770220

Format: Paperback