Lalla Rookh


Thomas Moore



Thomas Moore (1779-1852) Was born in Dublin, and through his poetical writings became national lyricist of Ireland, combining his poetry with music in Irish Melodies (1807-1835). However, it was through the publication of Lalla Rookh that his European reputation was made.

First published in 1817, Lalla Rookh is a series of oriental stories in verse, interconnected with a prose narrative relating to the journey of the young princess, Lalla Rookh, who is travelling from Delhi to Cashmere where she is to be married. Her progress is diverted by a young poet whose verses make up the four parts of the work: The veiled Prophet of Khorassan, Paradise and the Peri, The Fire Worshippers, and the Light of the Harem.

Here reprinted from the 1901 edition, illustrated with over a hundred delightful drawings, the book is a welcome republication of a long-neglected work deserving of a renewed readership.

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Published by Darf in 1986

ISBN: 9781850771487

Format: Paperback