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First published in 1854, and here reproduced in fine facsimile, John Reynell Morell’s guide to French North Africa now serves as a unique historical source-work.

Originally intended as a practical guide to the region, this was the book no self-respecting Victorian traveller would fail to pack, along with his ridle and sola topi.

As stated in the Preface: ‘Imbued with the spirit of the trimes, the author has endeavoured impartially to collect, compare, and condense as many useful facts as possible in this volume.’ But beyond the facts come fascinating pen-portraits of the inhabitants of Algeria, their customs, beliefs and daily lives.

Much useful information is provided on the effects of French colonisation which have left an indelible trace upon the culture of that area. Few countries have contained such an admixture of race and religion, and this account helps bring to life the vibrancy of that age. Add to this the author’s insatiable quest for the unusual, and we are left with an intriguing description of mid-nineteenth century Algeria, and an invaluable reference for historical study.

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Published by Darf in 1984

ISBN: 9781850770176

Tags: Algeria

Format: Hardback