Blood on the Turf


Glenis Wilson


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When Jack Hunter is badly injured in a racing accident, his daughter Tal finds herself in the hot saddle having to take over: his rides and the running of their racing stables. But was it an accident? To keep the stables afloat winners are required on the track, Tal is determined to see she gets them – someone is equally determined she shall no. Tal is also up against not only the owners discrimination against girl jockeys but also the male jockeys – “Go home and play with your dollies, leave racing to the men.”

Ancient family skeletons are rattled from their cupboards ad Tal’s worlds is shaken apart by the shattering discovery she makes at Nottingham Racecourse of just who the ‘someone’ is.

Mystery, family saga and romance are woven in between race rides with the rapidly mounting tension running from the first to the last page, be prepared to stay up late into the night with this one. The pace is hot: it moves faster than any racehorse.

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Published by Darf in 1989

ISBN: 9781850772132

Format: Paperback