Italy in North Africa


W.K. McClure

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Description What later became known as the ‘Tripoli Enterprise’ describes the Italian conquest and occupation of North Africa. The ‘Enterprise’ aimed at acquiring Tripoli and Cyrenaica from the Turks, partly in order to assuage Nationalist feelings within Italy, and partly to establish North African colonies alongside her rivals, Britain and France. As a military operation the campaign was not a remarkable success, for the Turkish forces were already preoccupied with troubles nearer home against the Balkan States. Nonetheless, the expedition gained the close attention of a Europe already straining towards the greater conflict of 1914, and the author was one of many correspondents sent to relay news of the war. Italy in North Africa includes contemporary accounts of the conflict along with vivid descriptions of the area of operations, supported by many interesting photographs and several maps. Together these form a unique record of a period of history vital to the development of North Africa.

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Publication Date 1986

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