With Kitchener to Khartum


G.W. Steevens

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watch women sex The death of General Gordon at Khartum in 1885 at the hands of the Mahdi’s forces proved a massive blow to the British military establishment, and few could rest until his death was avenged. Amongst these was an ambitious, adroit officer Herbert Horation Kitchener.

http://afcmarseille.com/porn/good-anal-videos In 1892, following several years distinguished service in Africa, Kitchener became a major-general in charge of the Egyptian army. His reorganisation and training of those forces over the next five years had one aim in view: the defeat of the Mahdi in the Sudan.

resultiveboards.com In 1897, the author of this work joined kitchener’s troops as a correspondent as they began their first moves towards the ‘pacification’ of the Sudan. He describes in detail the various military undertakings of the expedition, culminating in a vivid and chilling description of the Battle of Omdurman at which the Mahdi’s rule was finally ended.

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G.W. Steevens


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