Across the Sahara

From Tripoli to Bornu


Hanns Vischer



In Across the Sahara, Hanns Vischer traverses a region practically unexplored by any Westerner since the days of Barth. Starting with a large and somewhat unruly caravan, one of his great difficulties was to keep peace between the different tribes who composed it. As the expedition advanced farther south they had to encounter terrible desert tracts where no water could be found for days, and where oases were few and far between. At a later stage the hostility of certain native tribes with a taste for brigandage caused serious trouble, and some severe fighting.

The author, however, accepted his mischances philosophically, and imparts to the reader the pleasure and excitement of each day’s journey. The narrative is graphic and picturesque, and much information is conveyed incidentally as to the resources of the country and the life of its inhabitants, without losing the journey’s sense of immediacy and adventure.

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From Tripoli to Bornu

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Published by Darf in 1995

ISBN: 9781850771869

Format: Hardback