Architecture and Tourism in Italian Colonial Libya: An Ambivalent Modernism


Brian L. McLaren

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Description “A magnificent and scholarly work… illustrated with architectural drawings, old
photographs, and reproductions of tourist brochures, posters, and postcards.”
go International Journal of Middle East Studies

source link To be a tourist in Libya during the period of Italian colonization was to experience a complex negotiation of cultures. Against a sturdy backdrop of indigenous culture and architecture, modern metropolitan culture brought its systems of transportation and accommodation, as well as new hierarchies of political and social control. Architecture and Tourism in Italian Colonial Libya show how Italian authorities used the contradictory forces of tradition and modernity to both legitimize their colonial enterprise and construct a vital tourist industry.

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Publication Date

enter March 2018

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Brian L. McLaren


Product Information Published by Darf in March 2018 ISBN: 9781850773344 Format: Paperback