First Footsteps in East Africa Vol I


Richard Burton



Soon After returning from his celebrated journey to Mecca disguised as an Arab, Burton set out on a similarly perilous trip to the city of Harrar in the hear of little-know Somaliland.

As related in the Preface of his journal: “He disappeared into the desert for four months…. the way was long and weary, adventurous and dangerous, but at last the ‘Dreadful City’ was sighted, and relying on his good Star and audacity, he walked boldly in…. His diplomacy on this occasion, his capacity for passing as an Arab, and his sound Mohammedan theology, gave him ten days in the city, where he slept every night in danger of his life.”

His journey to Harrar, the account of his stay, and the grueling story of his return across the desert, are here contained in this fine facsimile of the two-volume memorial edition 1894, complete with maps, plates and diagrams.

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