The Heart of Libya


G. E. Simpson



The Heart of Libya is an account of this remote and picturesque spot that could hardly be better prefaced than by a quotation from the work of an old explorer who sailed to Benghazi from Malta:

“In the manner of many writers of travels and explorations, I would like to say that I am not pretending to write a book full of antiquarian lore or of geographical details. I disclaim all merit on the score of enterprise or remarkable discoveries. If the narrative of a visit to this interesting region should induce others of my countrymen to visit the Oasis, the object of my ambition will be gained. I shall have conferred on them the benefit of calling attention to this remote oasis, and on the inhabitants the still greater advantage of a more frequent contact with European civilisation.”

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G. E. Simpson


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Published by Darf in 2002

Format: Hardback