Zanzibar in Contemporary Times


R.N. Lyne

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missionary gangbang creampie “It has been my endeavour in the following chapters to describe briefly the most interesting persons and events that are connected with the history of the Rulers of Zanzibar and their Dominions on the East Coasst of Africa during the nineteenth century, and do give some account of this Island of the Southern East, its people and industries.” So writes the author in his preface to this work, first published in 1905 and here reproduced in facsimile. The work contains a detailed account of the region which became the centre of the East African slave trade. Great wealth and power was enjoyed by its Arab rulers until the British assumed it as a protectorate at the end of the nineteenth century. Even so, the trade in slaves and the influence of the Seyyids continued well into the present century.

siser give her brotte a blowjob Lyne provides a vivid description of the region and the life and customs of its varied inhabitants. Rare contemporary photographs add to this compelling record of nineteenth century life in Zanzibar.


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Publication Date 1987


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R.N. Lyne


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source site Published by Darf in 1987

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