Rosa’s Bus



‘This is a story that you may have heard before, but never like this. A mysterious journey ends with revelations that are shocking, surprising and humbling. A brilliant, original, and thought-provoking book, translated from the original with a captivating sensibility and warmth.’ Valerie Bloom MBE, winner of the CLiPPA 2022 Poetry Award

‘A wonderful, heartwarming recount of the courage and resilience of one woman who made a stand against the inequality of the system in 1950s America.’ Janet Gough, Editor at Primary Matters

Rosa’s Bus tells the story of an old man and his young nephew on a visit to the Henry Ford Museum in Michigan, home to the bus Rosa Parks travelled on in December 1955. Rosa was travelling to work in her hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, when she was ordered to give her seat to a white man. She refused and in doing so made a brave stand against racism, a stand that is recollected here, in this powerful picture book. By retelling Rosa’s story, the old man reflects on his own life and teaches his nephew the importance of standing up for what you believe in.

Fabrizio Silei was born in Florence in 1960. He is the author of many books, essays, novels and short stories for children and young adults. He founded The Platypus Atelier, a community education project. In 2018, his novel The University of Tuttomio was a finalist for the Strega Girls and Boys Award. In 2014 he received the Andersen “Writer of the Year” award.

Maurizio A. C. Quarello is an award-winning illustrator and designer. In recent years he has picked up the Premio Andersen Award for best Italian illustrator. In 2013 he received the following awards: Prix Littéraire des Ecoliers, XI Prix Je lis J’elis, XV Premio Nazionale un Libro per l’Ambiente and Prix 2013 du Mouvement pour les Villages d’Enfants,

Siân Williams has translated works by Dacia Maraini, Lalla Romano, Antonio Tabucchi and Francesco D’Adamo. She founded The Children’s Bookshow in 2003, which takes writers and illustrators of children’s literature from the UK and abroad on tour to theatres throughout the country every autumn.

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